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Wave 2 Publishing Platform

The Wave 2 Publishing Platform allows users (normally designers) to ingest InDesign templates. The InDesign templates will normally be created to the standards expected by Wave 2 which allow for areas to be set up as editable text/image areas. After ingestion into Wave 2, a further set of rules is defined for a template through the Wave 2 Configuration Tool. Once set up is complete, these templates can then be used to build documents based on the ingested templates, the rules that are set up and user input which will be used to for the editable text/image areas. The documents are built The output of these documents can be in a number of formats but includes JPG, PDF, XML and InDesign.

Integration in VYRE Unify

Integration between the Wave 2 Publishing Platform and VYRE Unify is available from VYRE Unify 4.6 onwards. In comes in the form of 2 new portlets, Wave 2 - Configure Document Portlet and the Wave 2 - Job Portlet.

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