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This configures the Users and Groups of the site.

The Users and Groups location in the tree


User Realms

You can create different user realms for the different sites in VYRE. See User realms article for more information.

Alternatively, if you're looking to create/edit users, see the Managing users article for details.


You can set User Group and Profile User Group Permissions to the different areas of the system. See User permissions article for more information.

Taxonomy Permissions

You can set the Taxonomy permissions in this section. This will hide content which has been taxonomised in an area which the user has no permission to see.

Locale Permissions

Permissions can be set describing certain users who are allowed to view different locales for example, you may want to prevent a certain users in a specific group from viewing or editing content from France.

Audit Trail

This section shows all the users actions. It allows you to see all actions which has been made on the vyre instance. You can filter the search by using description / realm / username / the module / and dates.

Forum User Synchronization Configs

See Forum User Synchronization Configs article for more details.

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