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User inbox portlet
module: Content module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.



The User - Inbox portlet is used to implement a display list of Ordered Files and messages of a user on the front end. The Ordered Files are exported files that could be zip, xls, pdf or xml. The messages list contains all messages sent by a configured message template which includes forgotten passwords, user account information and any other custom Message Template. Usually when you use an inbox portlet, you also would normally set up another page to view the messages using a view message portlet.


On the edit mode for the User - Inbox portlet (please see User - Inbox portlet image below) you will need to specify an XSL stylesheet which can be created in 'Publishing->Files->XSL->User inbox' of the publishing module of Vyre Unify.

In order to implement a link to view messages in your inbox, within your XSL, you will need to pass in the message ID as parameter to the URL. For example:

 <a href="{$context_path}/inbox/view?messageId={@id}">View</a>

You will need to ensure that you have specified the correct XPath statement to retrieve the ID of the message in your XML. For more information on XPath statements please google XPath where you will find tutorials on the XPath language. The 'messageId' is the parameter that Vyre Unify recognises.

To implement a link to download an Ordered File, within your XSL, you will need to retrieve the 'webpath' value in your XML. For example:

 <a href="{webpath}">Download</a>

Again, you will need to specify the correct XPath statement to traverse to the XML node 'webpath'.

You also have the option to tick the three options available to display message if a non-authenticated user gets access to this portlet, show ordered files and show messages. The latter two must be ticked if you wish to include these in your XML.

If a non-authenticated used access a page containing this portlet, it will either show nothing (if we haven't ticked the checkbox to display a message), otherwise the text "Inbox not available as no user is currently logged in." will be displayed (since Unify 4.6.3)

User - Inbox portlet

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