User change password portlet


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User change password portlet
module: Content module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.

The User Change Password portlet is used to change the user's current password to a new password



This portlet is used to allow the user to change the user password to a new password


Redirect to another page if password changed successfully (enter path):

This field can be used to specify the page to redirect, on a successful password change.

To make it a successful change the new password should comply with following requirements

  • Password entered in ‘New’ password and ‘Confirm’ password fields are identical
  • New password cannot be a password which is in recent password history. (Last 5 passwords for the particular user)
  • Cannot use the current password as the new password

Redirect to another page if password changed unsuccessfully (enter path):

This field can be used to specify the page to redirect, on an unsuccessful password change.

Prompt for old password checkbox:

If checked, an extra input box will appear asking user for old password. If authentication fails, password will not be changed This functionality was introduced in 4.6. If you are using a previous version this feature will not be available.

Checks on submit

When a user presses submit on this portlet to change their password a javascript function is called which runs some checks on the data entered by the user. If any of these checks fail, an alert will be displayed. The contents of the alert get their values from a localisation key. the checks that are run and the localisation key which is used to warning the user are:

  • If the current password is missing portlet.user.change-password.old.password.missing is displayed.
  • If either of the new password fields is empty portlet.user.change-password.password.missing is displayed.
  • If the two new password fields do not match portlet.user.change-password.password.error is displayed.
  • If the new password matches the old password portlet.user.change-password.old-new-passwords.equal is displayed.
  • If there is a password regular expression set up for the realm and the new password does not match it portlet.user.login.password.invalid is displayed.

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