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Vyre Unify allows Uploading Content into Data stores or File stores in bulk. Instead of uploading/Creating Items individually, users can first upload multiple items along with the metadata (if necessary) on the server using "Upload Portlet" and then import it using "Import Portlet" (discussed later).

Edit mode

When in edit mode, you will be given an option of "Showing a link to an item create page for each file". This is shown in figure One.

For example you have a File Store named "Wines Photos" and you have a page on website for editing Wines Photos metadata. So if you check the box "Show a link to an item create page for each file" and then select the edit page from the tree underneath and save it, you can click on the " Edit " symbol next to each item and you will be taken to the edit page. And upon saving, the item will be imported with the metadata entered in the form on the edit page.

If you do not wish to do so just click Save and you don't need to do anything else to configure this portlet.

This portlet has two functions. The first is to upload new files to the system and teh second is to integrate with the content import portlet. If a content import portlet is also visible on the same page then this portlet will change to be a selector which will allow you to choose which files to import.

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