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Release Notes

For North Plains Unify 4.7

Copyright © 2013 North Plains Systems Holdings, L.P.

Published: 30 September, 2013

1. Overview

1.1. Introduction

This document describes the new features, improvements and bug fixes implemented in version 4.7 (added since the last release


We recommend that you read and review the entire contents of this document before proceeding with any installation or upgrade of this product.

2. System Requirements

2.1. Supported Operating Systems

North Plains Unify will run on any Oracle Java SE 7 supported operating systems, and is tested on: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris.

2.2. Supported Databases

North Plains Unify works with the following databases, however, Unify is neither packaged nor shipped with any particular database:

  • Oracle (version 9 upwards)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL (version 5 upwards using InnoDB engine only)*
  • PostgreSQL (version 8.3 upwards)

If you wish to use MySQL you will need to download and install the correct Connector/J from the MySQL website; for licensing reasons it cannot be included in the Unify installer package.

2.3. Java Development Kit (JDK)

North Plains Unify requires Oracle Java SE 7 JDK. North Plains recommends using the latest Update of Oracle Java version 7 to run Unify. Unify is neither packaged nor shipped with any particular JDK. Please note that this version is not compatible with Java SE 6.

2.4. Tomcat

North Plains Unify 4.7 includes Apache Tomcat 7.0.42. Other versions are not supported.

3. New and improved features in this version

3.1.  Unify has switched to Java 7 (UNF-5604)

As Java 6 is no longer being supported, Unify has switched to Java 7. Please note that Unify can not run on Java 6 as the switch has required some code changes which are not backwards compatible.

3.2. Taxonomy rewritten

Taxonomy functionality has been completely rewritten from scratch. This includes all layers from database to rendering, permissions, etc. (UNF-5383)

We have changed how item taxonomy is stored internally. From now on, taxonomized items will only store information about leaf nodes (as parents of leaf nodes can be computed on demand). This not only requires less disk space, but also allows us to do more effective changes on taxonomy tree structure (e.g. moving nodes) if necessary.

New taxonomy rendering library, vTree, has been introduced. Main benefits for vTree are on-demand loading and flexible customization (styling, etc.). This allows us to scale easily on instances which have tens of thousands of categories.

Category permission calculation has been rewritten. Previously, when category permissions would change, this required significant downtime and the overall process wasn't predictable. Now if the category tree structure changes, permissions are recalculated asynchronously and applied whenever this calculation finishes, without interrupting other system activities.

Unify is now also capable to handle large trees having complex permissions. The way we structure permission queries is now changed, allowing better speeds when filtering out disallowed items.

New AJAX listener has been introduced, this replaces now deprecated Taxonomy Edit portlet. The new listener is capable of everything the old portlet was, plus much more, including search in the taxonomy tree, cloning taxonomy branch, reordering nodes, dynamically rendering part of the tree, etc.

In version 4.7 is now possible to dynamically render taxonomy in the localised format of currently rendered page as well as sort nodes alphabetically in this format. This was previously not possible unless the main tree was manually/permanently reordered, making it unusable to be rendered in another locale.

As a result of these and other improvements, it is now possible to have more than one taxonomy tree on the same page (if using the new vTree renderer), a limitation that existed until now. This is very helpful for cases when more than one item is edited on the same page.

3.3. XML caching has been improved (UNF-5593)

We have improved our XML caching strategy where instead of bigger and heavier XML blocks we use much more fine-grained ones. This adds more work in order to assemble these blocks together but is an overall win because these blocks are much more reusable. The biggest gain should be felt on multi-user environments where these blocks can be reused even among different users, something that wasn't possible before.

3.4. Ability to choose HTTP response code for virtual paths (UNF-5412)

Virtual paths in this version are now capable of returning chosen HTTP response code whereas before they were only capable of rendering associated page. This feature was primarily added for legacy instances which migrated to Unify and wanted to ensure old URIs are still supported. This should help to ensure better SEO capabilities.

3.5. Readable paths for dynamic content (UNF-5361)

It is now possible to have a better control over certain URIs. Unify has always supported item display pages, but ability to reference them was limited - item and its id were required in URI in order to display the necessary content. Later it became possible to statically assign item to given page, but this was still not good enough. In 4.7 we have added the ability to dynamically look up item by pre-selected attribute so that not only you can have the dynamism of defining the URIs but also the control - only existing item attributes will be resolved as valid URIs.

3.6. URI resolving has been rewritten (UNF-5439)

We have rewritten the URI resolving logic - the element which resolves which path refers to which component (page, virtual path or feed) so this should improve overall latency in certain cases. This has allowed us to be more flexible on virtual path names so there are no more limits enforced to virtual path extensions.

3.7. Added support for rel="alternate" hreflang="x" (UNF-6500)

Another SEO capability improvement, allowing search engines and users to know about alternative locales available for the current page.

3.8. SWFUpload has been replaced (UNF-6508)

SWFUpload has been replaced with Plupload. This will affect the vast majority of Bulk Upload Portlet instances. As much as possible, backwards compatibility has been maintained. However, due to changes in the way the two frameworks behave, there is likely to be some differences to the styling of elements used within this portlet. It is recommended that all instances of Bulk Upload Portlets on a Unify instance are checked after upgrade.

The use of Plupload in place of SWFUpload brings with it the following benefits:

  • More Secure
  • HTML 5 compatible.
  • No 2Gb file size limit

The Unify specific usage code has remained the same between and 4.7. However the underlying SWFUpload JavaScript framework has been completely replaced. If your Unify instance was accessing the SWFUpload framework directly, you will find that the behaviour is not as you expect.

It is no longer a requirement that the choose images button be a flash movie image. For this reason, it is likely that any existing buttons will not appear as they should. As an example, the following is the display of a Bulk Upload Portlet before the upgrade to 4.7:


Figure 1. Bulk Uploader prior to 4.7

After the upgrade to 4.7 the portlet would look like this.


Figure 2. Bulk Uploader prior to 4.7

3.9. User account lockout to take effect on active session

Account locking will now destroy any active sessions for the corresponding accounts. This is a useful security feature where it is important to immediately remove access for given users.

3.10. Prevent creation of concurrent sessions for user accounts

The authentication service can now, optionally, prevent the creation of concurrent sessions for an individual user account. On authentication initiation, should the user account already have an open session, a new session will be created and the existing one destroyed. This feature prevents the mis-use of accounts through sharing of user credentials. By default concurrent sessions are allowed. The setting can be changed in the Realm configuration page in the backend of Unify.

3.11. Uploader servlet to require user to be pre-authenticated

Unauthenticated users are now prevented from uploading files to the server using the publicly available file upload servlet. This security improvement helps prevent denial of service attacks against installations.

3.12. Control over acceptable file-types for uploader

At an instance level, it is now possible to specify filters to control which file-types the uploader will accept. This can help improve security through the prevention of the distribution of infectable files.

3.13. The way filter queries are recorded in the Reporting Module has changed

Recorded searches no longer store the filter query as a single String. Instead, they are a multi valued field (one field representing each filter). This change requires a modification to the $reporting-solr/solr-home/search/conf/schema.xml. The appliedFilters field needs changing so that it allows multiple values. In order to do this find the element

<field name="appliedFilters" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true"/>

and add the attribute multiValued="true" to it.

3.14. Methods deprecated from vyre.content.ItemInfo

The following methods have been deprecated in vyre.content.ItemInfo. Most of these have been deprecated for some time now. Please stop using these methods ASAP. They will be removed in the near future so save yourself some future headaches and refactor your code now. You have been warned!

  • getCategories. Categories are managed on the Item rather than the ItemInfo. Use Item::getCategories instead.
  • isInCategory. Use contains() in conjunction with Item.getCategories()
  • getCategoryIds. Use vyre.core.workers.CategoryWorker.objectsToIds() in conjunction with Item.getCategories()
  • getCategoriesIds. Use vyre.core.workers.CategoryWorker.objectsToIds() in conjunction with Item.getCategories()

3.15. Methods removed from vyre.content.ItemInfo

The following methods have been removed from vyre.content.ItemInfo. Please be aware that this might cause issues in some Content Template, JSP Resources, Remote Indexing Templates or anywhere else custom code is used.

  • getSCSCategoryIds. There is no direct replacement for this method.
  • hasAccessControl. Use the following instead:
  • getTaxonomyStrings. Use the following instead:
  • getRootCategoriesIds. This was an erroneous method to begin with. There is no replacement.

3.16. Methods deprecated in vyre.core.Category

The following methods have been deprecated in vyre.core.Category. Please discontinue using these in Content Templates, JSP Resources, Remote Indexing Templates or anywhere else custom code is used. Please do so ASAP to avoid any issues in the next upgrade of Unify.

  • getParentIds. Use the following instead:
    vyre.core.CategoryWorker categoryWorker = BeanFactory.getInstance().getBean(vyre.core.CategoryWorker.class);
    IterableIterable<String> ids = categoryWorker.objectsToIds(category.getAllAncestors();
    String idsStr = com.google.common.base.Joiner.on(',').join(ids));
  • getChildrenIds.Use the following instead:
    vyre.core.CategoryWorker categoryWorker = BeanFactory.getInstance().getBean(vyre.core.CategoryWorker.class);
    IterableIterable<String> ids = categoryWorker.objectsToIds(category.getAllDescendants();
    String idsStr = com.google.common.base.Joiner.on(',').join(ids));
  • isViewRestricted. All permissions/restrictions logic is found in vyre.core.workers.CategoryPermissionWorker.
  • isOrderRestricted. All permissions/restrictions logic is found in vyre.core.workers.CategoryPermissionWorker.
  • isEditRestricted. All permissions/restrictions logic is found in vyre.core.workers.CategoryPermissionWorker.
  • getCustomOrder. The position of a Category within it's parent should give this information.
  • isTopLevel. Can check if the ID of a Category is equal to Category.ROOT_ID if this is needed.
  • getAllDecendants. Use the correctly spelt getAllDescendants().
  • getTreePath. There is no replacement for this method.
  • getRestricted. Use isRestricted() instead.

3.17. New functionality added to the RemoteIndexTemplateHelper

The following methods were added to the RemoteIndexTemplateHelper to help create RIT documents in freemarker.

  • getLinkedUserProfiles. Returns a list of linked user Profiles for an Item
  • getLinkedAttributeValue. Returns a map of linked Item ids mapped to the attribute values
  • getItemSubcategoriesByPath. Get all taxonomised categories from a parent Category (taxonomy path) for an Item
  • getSolrDate. Used to convert Unify Date ( "dd.MM.yyyy" OR "dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm") into Apache Solr-compatible ISO 8601 date strings.
  • getAttributePresentationValue. Gets the Attribute Presentation Rule value for an Item value.
  • getBeanFactory. Provides the access to the global bean factory.
  • generateSearchableProperty. Generates Searchable Property xml for freemarker boolean/number/date/string/list field.

3.18. Create Saved Search serialises search filters into field constraints

Search Filters are automatically added the field constraints of saved searches.

3.19. Clone Save Search

Saved searched can be cloned and reused.

3.20. UI/UX Improvements of Unify

  • Redesign top level navigation
    Common labels (consistent names) should be used for menus.
    Updates to menu architecture. Menus now follow an logical order:
    • Create/Save/Submit
    • Edit (Edit Details/Edit Source)
    • Views Menu (View related options)
    • Actions Menu(Action related options)
    • Recycle bin
    • DeleteSearch related action should not be in the menus.
      Clean sweep of all menus.
      Actions that user do not have right to, will appear in the menu but will be disabled.
  • Other Files UI Improvement
    The following new features were added to improve the management and interface of other_files:
    • Bulk upload or bulk deploy to all servers if we can FTP the files to the admin serve
    • Edit / replace files
    • Bulk delete
    • Edit / rename folders
    • Recycle bin
    • Delete folders
  • Broken links and localisations for page tracers have been fixed. Tracers have been improved to give better context of where the user has navigated to.
  • Missing localisations keys in Unify have been added.
  • Hints for input fields appear as a Tooltip.
  • Version compare appears above the version list.
  • All delete buttons and linked are placed in the far right of lists and menus. A confirmation message will always appear when the button is clicked.
  • Improvements to page.xsl has improved backend page load.
  • All entity names are clickable links to the entity edit page.
  • Quick access to recycle bin on entity list pages.
  • Different colours for shared/non shared content areas.
  • Clear separation between edit details,edit source and view.
  • Dropdown/select options are now sorted by Name
  • Redesign of page templates.

3.21. Backend content search improvements

The content search UI has been redesigned and the following new features has been added to backend (admin) content search.

  • List/Grid view
  • Rerun file service on all items in a collection.
  • Rerun file service on selected items.
  • Rerun file service on search results.
  • Delete items from a search results.
  • Reindex items from saved search.
  • Redigest items from saved search.
  • Export selected items.
  • One click (search results) export.
  • An alert box appears when users tries to fun file services on large number of items.

3.22. Backend Item Page improvements

The changes are:

  • View mode for Item Links, User Link, Taxonomy
  • Page tracers and menus do not when navigate to different sections.
  • New Edit Details page to edit Item name, description and keywords.

3.23. Paginated User Inbox

Orders and Message are paginated in back/front end.

3.24. Delete Order physically deletes the order from the file-system

Pre 4.7, remove order function would only remove the database entry not the physical file.

3.25. Preview Templates

Preview Templates have been removed from Unify.

3.26. Solr Export Excel Generator

New generator has been added to 4.7 that will convert html table to an Excel document.

3.27. Solr Indexing Priorities

Solr Indexing has been improved so that batch reindex has a lower priority than normal Item index.

3.28. MD5 sums calculated for file items

Unify will now calculate a MD5 hash for each new uploaded file. The MD5 hash is indexed an can be used to find duplicates files in the repository.

The upgrade 4700InitializeFileItemDigest.xml will queue all file items to have their MD5 calculated. There is a Item digest queue in the Thread monitor showing the number of items queued for being digested.

4. Issues resolved

The following chapters are a reference to issues completed in version 4.7 along with their respective issue number in the North Plains issue tracking system http://tracker.vyre.com.

4.1. New features

  • UNF-1434 Optional Class for fields in Content Templates and Search Templates
  • UNF-1481 Multiple instances of the WYSIWYG editor
  • UNF-1656 Indexing - allow a specific group of items to be indexed.
  • UNF-2259 When editing an attribute, there should be a link to the attribute presenation rule it uses
  • UNF-2722 Image Resolution (Derived Files) : Expose into item xml
  • UNF-2830 Both the Inbox page in the VYRE4 end and the Inbox portlet should have pagination.
  • UNF-3009 301/302 forwarding for pages that have been deleted or moved
  • UNF-3210 Link to items from 'link def' page
  • UNF-3650 Extract metadata about derived files and store in the database
  • UNF-4127 Extend web-services to provide XML feed on demand
  • UNF-4184 Filestore: Store generated MD5 checksum + validation for unique files
  • UNF-4444 Ability to switch between list and thumbnail view in file store
  • UNF-4783 We need to be able to track who runs file services on a whole filestore
  • UNF-5361 Readable paths for dynamic content
  • UNF-5390 New tag in a content template for displaying an item
  • UNF-5480 Add option to reindex an item in the backend.
  • UNF-5809 Unify should have a new feature to handle the problem with browsers retrieving local cached javascript and CSS whenever the JS or CSS gets deployed in Unify
  • UNF-5813 JSON response from AJAX user searches
  • UNF-6034 Improve file media information availability
  • UNF-6310 Sanity check to prevent starting in unsupported encoding
  • UNF-6332 facelift: Show label help text to the right of form fields
  • UNF-6333 Improvements to the content module
  • UNF-6336 Re-organise context menu items (eg Deploy and Save etc),
  • UNF-6349 Facelift: Redesign the content/item view
  • UNF-6353 The Item Edit page in the backend should have an reindex option
  • UNF-6366 Ability to generate dynamic watermarked file service on download
  • UNF-6371 Add the instance name on the topbar of all pages
  • UNF-6477 OnBrand: Permission Configuration Implementation for BrandSwitcher
  • UNF-6500 Add parameters to pull in the alternate locales for the hreflang attribute in head part of page templates
  • UNF-6501 Item Detail pages should only allow one unique URL per item (preferrable with item keywords)
  • UNF-6502 Order of root taxonomy categories in Item Search portlet
  • UNF-6505 vTree - Ability to render a tree on a page using javascript when having either the taxonomy path or taxonomy id
  • UNF-6510 UI improvements
  • UNF-6512 Tree refactoring
  • UNF-6515 Tracer portlet should escape all html tags
  • UNF-6520 vTree - User should be able to right click on site tree structure
  • UNF-6590 Create an internal Marchena service job builder to request file transformations and put result into zip
  • UNF-6591 Replace Java applet uploaders in the backend with plupload
  • UNF-6608 Implement hooks for verbose Hibernate monitoring
  • UNF-6619 Implement saved search cloning in the backend
  • UNF-6621 Saved search: all search fields should be serialised into field constraint when creating a saved search from a search results
  • UNF-6638 Add M4V support
  • UNF-6650 Add callback URL for Marchena to tell Unify when to delete the order (temp) folder
  • UNF-6724 Content Structure Import Fails When attribute type of 'html' exists

4.2. Improvements

  • UNF-75 Being able use a saved search in Ajax framework
  • UNF-1266 Export Locale when exporting to Excel
  • UNF-1288 Conflict when 2 taxonomy trees are on the same page
  • UNF-1293 Taxonomy problem in item - edit portlet
  • UNF-1294 Content/User Gateway - Specifying Secondary sort field
  • UNF-1400 Page tree structure load on demand
  • UNF-1466 Taxonomy tree structure load on demand
  • UNF-1479 Better interface for managing other_files
  • UNF-1484 Taxonomy doesn't show forward slash '\'
  • UNF-1549 Redesign/rewrite of the Taxonomy module
  • UNF-1613 Improve performance of taxonomy reset in IE
  • UNF-1623 When adding a new taxonomy category selecting the root category doesn't always work
  • UNF-1624 Include the id as a column in the data and filestore list pages
  • UNF-1951 Item Search: Deleted taxonomy still applies search
  • UNF-2159 Taxonomy categories are getting unselected, if the user double clicks on the taxonomy category to expand/collapse the sub categories
  • UNF-2160 Ability to set Virtual path to 301 and 302
  • UNF-2191 View link on virtual path
  • UNF-2203 Taxonomy permissions group select screen has the table headings one to the left
  • UNF-2204 Taxonomy permissions breadcrumb link produces and error
  • UNF-2215 Link on the collection schema name in the link definitions page
  • UNF-2217 Attribute presentation rules should be sorted by name or id numerically, not id alphabetically
  • UNF-2230 Add apply to all items in current search option to backend File Service option
  • UNF-2627 Edit the styling of taxonomy trees
  • UNF-2763 Users and Groups > Locale permissions page : Incorrect text in the page
  • UNF-2979 Add the import configuration id to the columns in the import queue screen
  • UNF-3027 Make taxonomy read-only for active items in the backend
  • UNF-3217 Change the colour of shared content areas
  • UNF-3245 Exception thrown in Taxonomy Edit portlet when taxonomy branch is not selected in edit mode
  • UNF-3447 Template level JavaScript at bottom of page
  • UNF-3462 Cannot preselectIds to select specific taxonomies when creating item
  • UNF-3756 Displaying creation date and creator ids for pages
  • UNF-3996 Extra logging/UI regarding deleting taxonomy categories
  • UNF-4004 Taxonomy Lazy Loading
  • UNF-4016 'Recycle bin' menu item in code templates pages
  • UNF-4092 Find a better way of including permissions checks in Lucene query Strings
  • UNF-4098 Add a method for the Helper object to get user linked
  • UNF-4106 Stack trace on an interstate page
  • UNF-4211 Sort list of domains on site page.
  • UNF-4283 Users currently are not able to sort sub taxonomy categories without changing the whole taxonomy tree order
  • UNF-4367 Decide and implement the conversion of dates in the content repository
  • UNF-4616 Using localisation keys in email message templates
  • UNF-4786 Display an alert box when a user tries to run file services on a set of many items
  • UNF-4835 Make item file size search a range rather than specific value
  • UNF-4888 Can't add more than one taxonomy tree (WebFX) on a single page
  • UNF-4907 Taxonomy category cannot be deleted if there are deleted items or old version items linked to it. But the user has no information about this unless he checks the rows of the database.
  • UNF-5067 Implement Lightweight taxonomy display
  • UNF-5093 Refactor render of taxonomy tree
  • UNF-5116 Long search requests cause SOLR to fail
  • UNF-5117 Long search requests cause SOLR to fail
  • UNF-5149 Cannot just re-order a branch of taxonomy tree by alphabetic order in the backend
  • UNF-5176 Provide meaningful error message for Solr AJAX searches when the global XML config being used is not deployed
  • UNF-5193 Taxonomy - Expose reasons for not being able to delete a taxonomy node
  • UNF-5213 Discrepancy in the way the bulk edit and content templates display restricted taxonomy categories
  • UNF-5291 When creating a file item, users have to select their filestore (again) before creating the item
  • UNF-5383 Improve taxonomy scallability, fix outstanding issues
  • UNF-5384 Convert item categories to be stored in deflated mode
  • UNF-5385 Fix the scalability issue of the "delete" button for a particular category
  • UNF-5404 Set the flag "HTTP ONLY" for our unify session cookie
  • UNF-5412 Let the virtual paths choose the HTTP response to return
  • UNF-5427 Add profile id to message template variables list
  • UNF-5439 Refactor page logic
  • UNF-5489 Edit taxonomy portlet - Shows top level taxonomy no matter which node is selected
  • UNF-5493 Add id to the taxonomy export
  • UNF-5494 Taxonomy Edit portlet: Should not be displayed to users without permission
  • UNF-5499 Record filter query for Solr
  • UNF-5503 Sort file service types alphabetically in the new file service option list
  • UNF-5504 Ability to selectively record a download for BI
  • UNF-5506 Alphabetical ordering for Taxonomy groups with Icelandic letters
  • UNF-5538 Any user in the system can view and edit the whole taxonomy tree
  • UNF-5547 Ordering of the taxonomy nodes is not working for the tag vyre-search:taxonomy
  • UNF-5579 Separate permissions query into a separate query
  • UNF-5593 Offer finer granularity for XML caching
  • UNF-5623 Velocity variable to tell whether a user is active
  • UNF-5630 Improvements to Item API
  • UNF-5632 Refactor the Lease Worker to be a Spring bean
  • UNF-5672 Move logic to new Realm Workers
  • UNF-5718 AJAX Search Framework, JSON, ignores user-link properties and user gateways
  • UNF-5725 Wrong ordering of taxonomy when categories are displayed
  • UNF-5744 Send multiple marchena service calls for a single file as one batch
  • UNF-5755 Send Solr indexing events from the source delivery server (not only from admin servers)
  • UNF-5764 Requirements Doc for the javascript tree framework
  • UNF-5774 Extract setting character encoding into a separate filter
  • UNF-5775 Inherited Render Attribute Should Show Where They're Inherited From in List
  • UNF-5778 Management and meetings
  • UNF-5780 Upgrade the JSP compiler in Tomcat to support Java 7
  • UNF-5781 Taxonomy refactor project for Loic
  • UNF-5783 tree framework documentation
  • UNF-5784 automated testing
  • UNF-5785 administration
  • UNF-5786 configuration
  • UNF-5787 core framework development
  • UNF-5788 checkbox plugin
  • UNF-5789 ajax plugin
  • UNF-5790 cookie plugin
  • UNF-5791 drag and drop plugin
  • UNF-5792 xml data plugin
  • UNF-5793 context menu plugin
  • UNF-5794 Remove the virtual path extension limiter
  • UNF-5795 Remove the ability to only display one site at the time in the backend Publishing tree
  • UNF-5826 Pagination for Profile Group Page in the backend
  • UNF-5832 Solr should have an indexing priority
  • UNF-5840 bold plugin
  • UNF-5843 FaceLift - Visually Improve Interface
  • UNF-5847 FaceLift - Add 'Create New Resource' button next to resource select in portlets
  • UNF-5868 Refactor vyre.publishing.Variables
  • UNF-5907 Ability to use 'Deployed' version, rather than 'Active' version
  • UNF-5908 New Tree library: evaluate and possibly improve GUI outlook
  • UNF-5916 Add error text when creating a user group with the same name
  • UNF-5917 Allow reindexing and recreating index for a specified period instead of entire collection
  • UNF-5926 Port item content and metadata editing to the new tree API
  • UNF-5927 Finish fixing page reordering
  • UNF-5928 Search portlet (view_taxonomy.jsp) needs to support the new tree API
  • UNF-5929 Create the backport of WebFX tree so it uses the new API
  • UNF-5930 Taxonomy edit portlet should support the new JS tree
  • UNF-5931 Old search results portlet - taxonomy tracer (.buildTaxonomyTracers) should support the new JS api
  • UNF-5932 Backend taxonomy permissions controller should use the new tree API
  • UNF-5933 ItemEditPortlet should support the new tree JS API
  • UNF-5934 Old search input portlet - move edit.jsp to use vtree; view.jsp should use the new API
  • UNF-5935 Taxonomy input tag should support the new tree API
  • UNF-5937 TaxonomyTag should support new tree JS API and new vtree library
  • UNF-5938 Remove all usages of common.js
  • UNF-5939 Refactorings related to category permissions
  • UNF-5941 Backend taxonomy controller should use the new tree API
  • UNF-5956 Debug tree integration in Unify
  • UNF-6040 Excel Generator for Solr Export
  • UNF-6046 improve/optimise page.xsl
  • UNF-6059 Remove categories permanently when deleting
  • UNF-6063 Introduce new AJAX listener for the Taxonomy
  • UNF-6066 Remove Preview Templates
  • UNF-6078 Automatic user deactivation by inactivity should update the deactivation date on login
  • UNF-6092 Implement audit trail for Taxonomy
  • UNF-6276 OrderWorker remove() method should physically delete the orders from the filesystem
  • UNF-6298 Order: Delete All Orders feature
  • UNF-6300 Order: Paginate Orders
  • UNF-6302 Optional Applications > Deployment > Export > Unify Properties : Replace slashes and quotes with underscores
  • UNF-6307 Pagination for User Inbox Messages
  • UNF-6312 Unit tests for new category classes
  • UNF-6334 Portlets and content template tags should benefit from localization and sorting
  • UNF-6335 Redesign top level navigation
  • UNF-6337 Redesign back-end edit pages/templates (publishing module)
  • UNF-6350 Facelift: Styling issues in the content module
  • UNF-6354 facelift: issues with tracer
  • UNF-6355 Menu/toolbar UI Improvements
  • UNF-6362 Remove reference to the Commons HTTPClient library
  • UNF-6363 facelift: regression: blank page
  • UNF-6367 Integrate vTree rendered taxonomy into the AJAX Search Framework
  • UNF-6370 Display 404 page if no item exist for the requested locale.
  • UNF-6377 JMX checks need to have time limits enforced
  • UNF-6380 FaceLift: Remove delete button from all edit source pages
  • UNF-6381 FaceLift: Remove the "Clean/Reformat code and save" button from XSL
  • UNF-6393 Refactoring ItemLinkController
  • UNF-6399 Add options should be on the left hand side for import configuration
  • UNF-6405 Upgrade Diageo clone and test the new category code
  • UNF-6406 Version Compare at the top of list
  • UNF-6427 vTree taxonomy - should allow non-lazy loading
  • UNF-6428 vTree taxonomy - Show checkbox by default
  • UNF-6429 vTree taxonomy - CSS classes/ids should be used for taxonomy images
  • UNF-6433 Ability to use statics and workers in remote indexing templates
  • UNF-6457 Various bugfixes for vtree
  • UNF-6458 Better error for AJAX item creation if a user is not logged in
  • UNF-6476 Security - Find a file page
  • UNF-6478 Store the creator and last modifier of portlets
  • UNF-6483 Allow concurrent user sessions for the backend
  • UNF-6488 Add a new Item related velocity variable that holds the locale of the item
  • UNF-6508 Find alternative to using SWFUpload
  • UNF-6509 Upgrade FlowPlayer to the latest version
  • UNF-6523 Remove the topbar from the portlet select screen
  • UNF-6533 New functionality for RemoteIndexTemplateHelper
  • UNF-6534 Menu has a redundant link to for creation of a localized item version
  • UNF-6545 Update User Edit Portlet Groups to Allow Blacklist of Groups
  • UNF-6573 Remove support for DAPS
  • UNF-6600 UI Improments in content search
  • UNF-6615 Remove "..." from all menus in the backend
  • UNF-6648 Ability to search within taxonomy tree
  • UNF-6665 Content: It would be better to disable the taxonomy tree checkboxes when the item is checked in
  • UNF-6680 use jquery.js instead of prototype.js in content_import_configurations
  • UNF-6687 Render attributes with Site, Page and Template levels are not aligned properly
  • UNF-6725 There is no link to deselect a 410 gone page
  • UNF-6761 Select backend realm should have its on interstate page and not mixed in with the realms list page
  • UNF-6763 Add section & Add content/metadata should be clearly labeled in the attribute list page
  • UNF-6776 File Order service should get the extension from the derived files
  • UNF-6790 Users & Groups - Users & Audit Trail Search Button Visible in menu
  • UNF-6798 Backend user edit page should use profile id instead of user&realm id
  • UNF-6815 Improve AJAX JSON response to include derived files, users
  • UNF-6825 Option to edit the users deactivation date in the backend
  • UNF-6842 Log when user has opted out from receiving emails
  • UNF-6948 Unify backend fav icon needs to be different from tracker/JIRA
  • UNF-6949 Backend Unify site title should not contain VYRE
  • UNF-6983 Ability to change the treeId for vTree generated taxonomy trees in CETs and BETS
  • UNF-7004 Add "reset" functionality to vTree
  • UNF-7032 when using the taxonomy display javascript, it should be possible to apply custom ajaxSettings and custom ajaxParameters

4.3. Bugs resolved

  • UNF-1329 Compare versions for items in data store - the information for an old version doesn't seem to be accurate
  • UNF-1462 Creating an secondary item in a file store in the backend causes an exception
  • UNF-1973 Attempting to create a virtual path to an item which does not exist produces an exception
  • UNF-2045 User should not be able to use the current password as the new password in the Change Password portlet
  • UNF-2060 Trying to run a saved search with no stores created produces an exception
  • UNF-2615 Space character is allowed as the path in Virtual path
  • UNF-2819 Items with no active version screen uses old icons
  • UNF-2841 Page copy / paste function sporadically throws error
  • UNF-2983 Lists of servers in cluster is sorted by id alphabetically (or not at all)
  • UNF-3002 Links are broken in the page tracer which appears in Translators page
  • UNF-3017 Exception thrown when clicking on 'Back to Edit / View' after the page content configuration is saved
  • UNF-3116 Exceptions showing in frontend
  • UNF-3168 Variables of custom "Profile property definitions" created within a user realm do not work within a message template
  • UNF-3173 Deployment of a page with search portlet with taxonomy reverses the taxonomy
  • UNF-3326 When a folder is created under "Upload Files" module and quotes are used in the name, folder cannot be later deleted.
  • UNF-3333 Navigation portlet only renders pages that have been deployed
  • UNF-3500 User Display portlet cannot be accessed by guest users(not logged in)
  • UNF-3513 Localization key is not added for page search query parsing error message
  • UNF-3760 Search Template- default label for locale tag is displayed when inputType is set to "useSite "
  • UNF-3844 Links are broken in the page tracer that appears in 'Upload New Thumbnail or Preview' page of a file item
  • UNF-4232 When user tries to access an item (from access controlled store) without login into the site, system redirects to unauthorized page.
  • UNF-4234 Deleting LDAP/Consolidated realms not possible
  • UNF-4412 Exception thrown while deleting user link definitions
  • UNF-4414 Exception thrown while deleting item link definitions
  • UNF-4769 Ecommerce Module: Exception when click on <Shopname> link in the page tracer for Saved searches under shops
  • UNF-4842 Regression: Creation date is not been selected as the default selection in the Order By dropdown.
  • UNF-4847 Custom Reports with Query parameters can't be executed more than once
  • UNF-4897 AJAX API GET: showTaxonomyTree = false settings doesn't display the Flat and Nested taxonomy categories
  • UNF-5032 Deleting a user link definition makes the Global XML configuration uneditable (which uses this user link definition)
  • UNF-5217 In localisations when searching pressing enter doesn't trigger a search
  • UNF-5227 Translators page throws an exception
  • UNF-5250 XSS injection for user-related entities
  • UNF-5306 "Send all items to remote index" sends twice
  • UNF-5320 Wave2 - Configure Document Portlet not bringing back the already configured templates correctly
  • UNF-5389 Date formatting in SOLR is not thread safe
  • UNF-5422 Item edit using template portlet - Item can be taxonomised into categories that the current user does not have permissions for
  • UNF-5445 Editing source of Active Version of Page Template does not work
  • UNF-5462 Orders and export cannot be accessed when the path for the file directory has changed
  • UNF-5512 ItemLink count doesn't check item permissions
  • UNF-5545 Only one LDAP subrealm gets it's users refreshed on the scheduled time
  • UNF-5564 Pagination is not working in "Search virtual paths" section in site's edit page
  • UNF-5576 Pagination issue in Ajax item rating
  • UNF-5585 File order portlet fails when Files have quotes in the custom name
  • UNF-5635 User permissions are calculated before a user is placed into profile groups
  • UNF-5669 Unsafe auto-unboxing in ErrorPageServlet
  • UNF-5676 Item Rating Ajax: getItemsRatedByCurrentUser(), getItemsRatedByUser() methods return the items in the recycle bin as well
  • UNF-5704 Page indexer causes errors on newly added delivery servers
  • UNF-5710 Taxonomy does not reset when displayed as a dropdown via ajax search framework (Firefox only)
  • UNF-5726 Duplicate library in installer
  • UNF-5768 Deleted items still appear in the basket
  • UNF-5797 Exporting items does not take account of selections made in the taxonomy tree
  • UNF-5808 Email attribute type doesn't allow email addresses made up of capitals.
  • UNF-5816 Advanced search parameters get ignored when running export configuration in vyre4 backend
  • UNF-5821 Form Tokens - Logging into the backend overrides the form token for the frontend
  • UNF-5825 Audit trail search parameters reset when you go through pagination
  • UNF-5827 Clicking 'edit source' from page template > old versions causes stack trace
  • UNF-5836 AJAX Item Framework - addTaxonomy method takes parameters in unexpected format
  • UNF-5856 Encryption of realm fails, and leaves instances inaccessible.
  • UNF-5862 Feed cache is not working properly when it depends on saved search
  • UNF-5864 Upgrade doesn't work on Windows when using Java7
  • UNF-5888 The Groups of the users are not displayed in the LDAP sub-realm when you go to Edit User screen
  • UNF-5918 Creating a pages created with the same name as a deleted page do not show in front-end
  • UNF-6159 Item list needs to be disabled in the item edit when there is no item list defined in the collection schema
  • UNF-6286 Localization key for ordering "Image Information" is wrong
  • UNF-6287 Collection store link is broken in the file order file service configuration page
  • UNF-6297 Message Templates: Invalid data: Email address message should not be displayed when the email is blank
  • UNF-6299 Item edit page throws a stack trace when view counts are enabled and non-English locale is used
  • UNF-6308 Option to use a Global XML Config when loading an individual item through the Content AJAX API
  • UNF-6309 Creating a datastore with a name containing HTML causes the tree to break
  • UNF-6311 Cancelling a batch taxonomy import causes stack trace
  • UNF-6317 Remove the Web Service context from the default installation
  • UNF-6326 Virtual path pagination is not working in the backend
  • UNF-6338 Closing textarea tag in custom code does not persist on User Create portlet
  • UNF-6340 Unusual filename breaks an ajax search results
  • UNF-6346 Brand is not changed when logging in with a 'brand' URL parameter. Need to refresh.
  • UNF-6348 Profile Group links for an item are not removed from the database
  • UNF-6372 Ehcache read-through function does not scale
  • UNF-6375 Services being prepared for items that cannot be used with the service
  • UNF-6376 Creating a saved search without specifying the collection schema throws an error
  • UNF-6387 ClientAbortException in PublicFileServlet needs to be ignored
  • UNF-6388 Create a item with name of </div></b><script type="text/javascript">alert('here');</script> with username being the same breaks the collection schema
  • UNF-6389 Regression: cannot load custom derivied file
  • UNF-6390 404 response: /servlet/file path not finding items if no collection schema present
  • UNF-6391 Using a user with the name of </div></b><script type="text/javascript">alert('here');</script> does not allow creating JSP resources or Global XML configuration files
  • UNF-6395 Unzipping other files doesn't deploy the files within the zip correctly.
  • UNF-6397 Over escaping of Lucene query in Back-end Profile Groups
  • UNF-6403 Flash Uploader can't cope with letters: ä, ö, ü, ë
  • UNF-6411 Ajax Search Framework: can't use FilterPlugin to display taxonomy in multiple dropdowns as selecting one overrides others
  • UNF-6412 formToken is always null the first time you load a page with a form
  • UNF-6414 LDAP sub-configuration sync/reindex throws stack trace if user never logged in and was removed from LDAP
  • UNF-6426 Content from access-controlled stores is not appearing in message templates, even if recipient has the right permissions
  • UNF-6430 Using multiple instances of vyre-item:taxonomy with preselectedIds parameter is not possible
  • UNF-6473 Unable to view custom thumbnails using Freemarking in Unify Enterprise Search results portlets
  • UNF-6475 Trying to activate the working version of a page template from the old versions screen causes confussion
  • UNF-6479 Using Content Import to update a store that has section definitions corrupts the store
  • UNF-6487 Possible to add yourself to a User Group in a User Edit Portlet, even if the group isn't one of the visible groups in the portlet
  • UNF-6490 Remove the ability to upload a file through the item locator servlet
  • UNF-6495 Wave2 - JS issue when saving a template when using older versions of jQuery
  • UNF-6518 When creating URL token, sudo user's profile groups are not loaded
  • UNF-6539 Guest users never have access to Profile Groups
  • UNF-6540 Tracer portlet is vulnerable to XSS injection
  • UNF-6543 XSS Vulnerability within CET when using <vyre-item:item-link> tag with mode='field'
  • UNF-6548 Preventing concurrent logins should not have any impact on URL tokens
  • UNF-6550 XSS Vulnerability in user edit portlet Groups tag
  • UNF-6558 When Velocity variable is used in sender email (in message templates), it is not getting replaced
  • UNF-6562 ClientBrandDetector fails for the external user
  • UNF-6564 only activating the page template the second time displays the additional options in the menubar
  • UNF-6575 Old versions of script files display quotes as their escaped version
  • UNF-6577 Regression: current_user variable in xsl option for MessageLinkedList should return the creator(the user who triggered the message template).
  • UNF-6578 Current user is is overritten with email recipient in message templates
  • UNF-6598 Deleted users can be linked to items through AJAX using item-to-user links
  • UNF-6626 Message Templates: Linked lists always use the English locale
  • UNF-6628 External users cannot see item data in emails when stores are access controlled
  • UNF-6661 Discard changes made causes an exception while creating the item in secondary locale
  • UNF-6716 The page will be broken when the render attributes link is clicked from the page tracer
  • UNF-6730 Switching marchena URL in the backend requires a restart for changes to take effect
  • UNF-6733 Content: Service Constraints are not working
  • UNF-6737 Don't blow up the Users -> Indices page when there is a problem with one of the realm
  • UNF-6740 Password Expiry page in the backend doesn't localize correctly
  • UNF-6777 Configuration: In the localization the "Search for Localisation" doesn't work from first click
  • UNF-6786 XML inconsistency when /search-results/data-item/item-links/item-link is displayed
  • UNF-6840 XSS vulnerability in ajax servlet
  • UNF-6853 Publishing: Missing localization key in the Clipboard
  • UNF-6865 Reporting: Missing localization in Sanity checks -> derived files
  • UNF-6882 Content: Import configuration page wrong CRON reference link with scheduled import
  • UNF-6970 Missing localization in the page title of item list definitions
  • UNF-6972 Content import UI is misleading
  • UNF-7008 Unable to select Locale with Item-Search portlet
  • UNF-7030 Message Template: Cannot specify an XSL in for 'Global XML Configs' in 'Linked Users/Items'

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