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This document describes the new features, improvements and bug fixes implemented in version 4.5 (added since the last release

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

VYRE Unify provides support for Sun Java 5 supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris. See Sun website for detailed OS version/hardware compatibility information.

Supported Databases

VYRE Unify provides support for the following databases (Unify is not packaged nor shipped with any database):

  • Oracle (version 9 upwards)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL (version 5 upwards using InnoDB engine only)
  • PostgreSQL (version 8.3 upwards)

Java Development Kit (JDK)

VYRE Unify minimum requirement is Sun Java JDK version 5 or higher. VYRE recommends using the latest Update of Sun Java version version 6 (Sun) to run Unify. Unify is not packaged nor shipped with any particular JDK.


VYRE Unify version 4.5 uses Apache Tomcat version 6.0.18. Other versions are not supported. The installer for VYRE Unify 4.5 includes Apache Tomcat 6.0.18.

What has changed?

Portlet 2.0

VYRE Unify 4.5 now implements the Java Portlet 2.0 specification (JSR-286). This allows users to run portlets built to the Portlet 2.0 specification.

The JSR 286 standard brings to the Java portlets all the key inter-portlet communication capabilities introduced by Web Services for Remote Portlets 2.0 (WSRP 2.0.)

Example inter-portlet communication includes:

  • Events — Enable portlets to communicate with each other through sending and receiving events.
  • Shared render parameters — Enable portlets to specify which render parameters they can share with other portlets.
  • Resource serving — Enables portlets to serve resources within the portlet context.

In addition, JSR 286 defines the portlet filters, with which portlets can, on the fly, transform the content of portlet requests and responses.

Performance enhancements

Version 4.5 includes a wide range of performance improvements, achieved through the addition of a number of caching layers at various points in the product.

The creation and use of a new custom XML generation engine in place of templates, as well as the caching of sections of generated XML has improved the overall speed of generating XML. This in turn results in faster page load times.

VYRE Unify 4.5 introduces the concept of “Script bundles” and “CSS bundles”, which also improve performance, allowing a number of files of the same type to be deployed as a combined file. This will result in fewer requests to the server per page loaded.

Adobe Air uploader

VYRE Unify version 4.5 includes a new Adobe Air upload application. The uploader allows users to bulk upload files from a local machine to a file repository managed by a VYRE Unify instance. The uploader includes support for drag and drop, file selection, and assigning metadata to each file before upload.

This improves the turnaround time for users uploading large numbers of files to a VYRE Unify file store, providing a simple an intuitive desktop user interface.

Resource comparison

Version 4.5 provides a feature for comparing files with previous versions of themselves; these include CSS, scripts, XSL, and template files. This allows website managers to see at a glance what changes have been made to the site.

WebDAV support

VYRE Unify 4.5 introduces WebDAV support. This allows users to manipulate files stored in the system from a desktop computer that also supports WebDAV.

Improved LDAP support

VYRE’s latest version release provides improved LDAP support for large user databases, allowing system administrators to more easily manage synchronisation between LDAP stores and VYRE Unify user accounts.

Third party library updates

VYRE Unify 4.5 includes several third party library updates improving support for third party developers, who wish to write Portlets or other applications that interact with VYRE Unify.

More Portlets available “out of the box”

VYRE Unify 4.5 contains a number of Portlets, which are now available “out of the box”.

Issues resolved

The following chapters are a reference to issues completed in version 4.5 along with their respective issue number in VYRE's issue tracking system http://tracker.vyre.com.

New Features

  • UNF-1412 Pub module WebDAV support for exposing css, xsl, scripts, templates etc. to editors file system
  • UNF-1456 Ability to turn of page cache for certain user groups
  • UNF-1615 Suspending user accounts after a specified period of time
  • UNF-2451 Add compare versions option to lists of versions for code templates
  • UNF-2488 Desktop application for uploading and Importing filestore items
  • UNF-2509 Incorporate Polling Portlets into Unify
  • UNF-2607 Support Java Portlet 2.0 specification JSR 286
  • UNF-2608 Item rating/ranking feature
  • UNF-2629 Cache AJAX requests
  • UNF-2630 Add "Help" button to toolbars in the backend
  • UNF-2633 Bundle CSS in resource bundles
  • UNF-2634 Add caching to generated Item XML
  • UNF-2635 Create a new item on an item display page for another item
  • UNF-2644 Add extra attributes to item links
  • UNF-2645 Version taxonomy
  • UNF-2731 Bundle scripts in resource bundles
  • UNF-2844 Unify portlet application context listener
  • UNF-2857 Page to view summary of settings of all of sub pages of a page
  • UNF-2887 New functions added to the item link AJAX framework
  • UNF-2912 Version user links


  • UNF-39 Improved LDAP Realm scalability when synchronizing with a large number of users
  • UNF-1278 Survey importer removed
  • UNF-1401 User based page and portlet caching
  • UNF-1402 Exclude a portlet or content area from surrounding cache
  • UNF-1744 Link to current item when using Item Edit with template for a new item on Item Detail pages
  • UNF-2340 Version comparison functionality for managed code resources
  • UNF-2370 Caching of freemarker templates to improve performance
  • UNF-2512 Standardize & improve XML generated by Unify
  • UNF-2631 More options added to the <vyre-template:head> tag
  • UNF-2642 Ability to create user profiles on demand for LDAP realms.
  • UNF-2800 Renamed 'count' column in cm_basket_items table to 'item_count'
  • UNF-2838 Rearanged menu on page view state
  • UNF-2853 Removed Survey Module from Unify
  • UNF-2854 Escape server's validation response to remove XSS vulnarabilities on item edit and edit with template
  • UNF-2868 Lower logging level from WARN to INFO for "vyre.content.io.importer.AbstractContentItemImporter - No item links found in source."
  • UNF-2876 Ajax framework for Item Rating
  • UNF-2882 Escape the attribute invalidation message in an item edit portlet
  • UNF-2889 More tags available in PDF template Item XML input
  • UNF-2905 Clean up realm/page index locks after server has been shut down ungracefully
  • UNF-2908 Make the getTransformedLinkedUsers AJAX request more lightweight
  • UNF-2911 Improvements for user XML generation; tag XML generation
  • UNF-2919 Upgrade to the latest version of third party libraries
  • UNF-2933 Ability to see if links are active or not in the backend
  • UNF-2938 Option to activate all deactive item links when saving item links in a content template
  • UNF-2951 Delete all users links that are linking users to deleted items
  • UNF-2955 Change API for AJAX item search: deprecate old options, expose new options
  • UNF-2974 Refactor ItemInfo class so it does not iterate through version history to get a single item version
  • UNF-2976 Link definition IDs added as an option to the content AJAX search script
  • UNF-2981 Hibernate now uses lazy loading of data as default

Bugs resolved

  • UNF-1243 Incorrect (insufficient?) usage of CDATA when serializing collection schema items into XML
  • UNF-1601 Wrong description when the mouse is hovered over the history icon in scheduled import configuration list
  • UNF-1695 Permissons on e-Commerce module do not work properly
  • UNF-1971 Error message when submitting User Create form displays wrong labels
  • UNF-2044 Create user portlet doesn't allow to keep some optional fields empty
  • UNF-2749 Spelling mistake in the label" Access controlled"
  • UNF-2779 UI label error in Users and Groups > Indices
  • UNF-2787 $renderLocale / $siteLanguage parameter doesn't work wheh used in XSL within AJAX
  • UNF-2796 "Creation Date" as the Second Sort field doesnt work in Search results portlet
  • UNF-2803 Item Search results portlet XML doesn't load localization content and metadata
  • UNF-2810 Exception for Publishing > Scripts
  • UNF-2815 Cannot use <vyre-item:message> tag to send messages to the current user
  • UNF-2816 Exception when accessing the Properties tab of a portlet used in a shared content area
  • UNF-2820 Content import history doesn't scroll records in the backend
  • UNF-2823 Cannot set error pages
  • UNF-2825 Attribute of type email doesn't accept "_" character
  • UNF-2837 Portlet reverts to default settings
  • UNF-2843 Static code portlet doesn't show the latest content in the front end
  • UNF-2848 ErrorServlet performs a http redirect after the 404 or 403 response
  • UNF-2855 Error when trying to import two file store items when the XML is stored in different directories.
  • UNF-2861 ® and other symbols are converted weirdly on re printing (after invalidation or saving)
  • UNF-2870 System is unable to handle ]]> in various inputs
  • UNF-2885 Add NPE protection into queue mechanism
  • UNF-2888 Item search portlet throws an exception
  • UNF-2891 Copying files into basket is interrupted
  • UNF-2897 Kernel.getInstance() is causing severe synchronization issues
  • UNF-2906 Importing derived files of type custom doesn't work
  • UNF-2910 Search portlet reset button not working
  • UNF-2917 "Find a file" pop up window is not working for link mode="formatted"
  • UNF-2920 Database indexes missing from brand new schema
  • UNF-2924 Export Configurations export items linked through deactive and deleted links
  • UNF-2952 Serializable queue threads leak db session resources
  • UNF-2962 Page indexing threads are launched even if page indexing is disabled
  • UNF-2963 <user-profile-picture> tag is not displayed in the xml generated by user-link AJAX callback
  • UNF-2964 Localization key is not added for item checked out text that appears in a popup window generated by $link_add_action function call
  • UNF-2965 loadVersionHistory and loadVersionContent flags does not work in vyre-item:item-link AJAX callback
  • UNF-2973 Exception thrown when creating a datastore where all the options under Logging is selected
  • UNF-2989 Spelling mistake on /vyre4/core/session_information.st8
  • UNF-2996 VM Threads show incorrect State for threads
  • UNF-3011 vyre.content.Categoriser needs to take into account the version of items or be deleted

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