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TinyMCE is the WYSIWYG editor used in the system to allow rich text to be entered in forms.



The TinyMCE editor is used in the static text and images portlet, as well as for certain input fields on item edit portlets and item edit using template portlets.


The TinyMCE instance used on the system can be configured in the configuration module.

The system wide settings can be changed under System Properties > System Configuration > HTML Editor settings. You can also configure custom html editors using the Configuration module Attribute Presentation Rules (Since Unify 4.7).

The most configured element is valid_elements or extended_valid_elements. This contains the html which is allowed to be generated by the editor. The most common features are setting which tags are allowed, which attributes are allowed, and which empty tags should be removed, and which should be kept.


An example would be:


This allows <a> tags with href and target attributes, <p> tags, and finally all <h?> tags are converted to h4 and removed if empty.

More configuration options can be seen at the TinyMCE configuration page.


The current version of TinyMCE that is shipped with Unify is 3.4.7.

Prior to Unify 4.6.3, Unify shipped

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