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Taxonomy edit portlet
module: Content module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.
Picture 1: Edit mode of Taxonomy edit portlet


Taxonomy portlet is deprecated in Unify 4.7. Please use Taxonomy AJAX API instead.

The Taxonomy edit portlet is used for adding/editing taxonomy branches, moving its branches around as well as adding/editing/removing taxonomy localizations. Most of its actions are done in AJAX, without a need to reload the page.

This portlet is only available in 4.4 or later versions of Unify.

This portlet requires the user to be logged in and having Edit taxonomy tree permission to be configured for this user group. This permission is a part of the global permission set.


In edit mode, one can configure following portlet options:

  • Taxonomy branches to be displayed: this allows only exposing desired parts of the taxonomy tree. Simply click on branches you want to be displayed, others will not appear when in view mode.
  • Show add new category control: controls whether add name and add description fields for adding a subcategory will be shown.
  • Show move branch control: controls whether the combo box for moving selected category onto another branch will be shown.
  • Show Remove Category button: controls whether the button for deleting selected category will be shown.
  • Show Submit/Cancel buttons: controls whether Submit and Cancel buttons are shown. Normally they are not needed - in order to submit whether one is editing or adding taxonomy branch, is enough to press Enter key. To hide taxonomy edit screen, simply click on the same or another taxonomy category.
  • Show localization control: controls whether Localization button and screen are shown which allow adding/deleting/editing taxonomy localizations.

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