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Publishing module overview

The publishing module holds different features that allows you to build a complete site. All the files, pages, development sheets etc are stored and organised under this module. Clicking on this module will present you the options (See Figure 1) in the left hand navigation. This module contains the following secitons:



All sites created will appear under this section along with the pages on each of them. The site subtree contains:


Can contain

Page Templates

This section contains template that can be used as foundation for the pages on sites.

Page Content

Page content can be used as an alternative to putting static text on the pages. The advantage of this section is that you can display content from any of the data stores or file stores as static text on the websites. The section is very flexible in terms of how you want to edit and display the content.


This section can be used to prepare the emails that are sent out by the system when needed. The section allows you to assemble the content of the emails and configuring the recipients.


VYRE Unify includes a new JavaScript API for loading users and content items using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(AJAX) calls. For example, a page is often not cached because a personalised message ("Welcome XXX!") is embedded in the page. In such cases, the name of the current user could be retrieved via the AJAX API, allowing the page to be fully cached.

Gateways section is used for creating a gateway that the AJAX API will communicate with. When a gateway is created, the user can specify which user realms or content stores will be accessed via this gateway, thus ensuring secured connection to the stores from where data will be retrieved.

Recycle Bin

Any webpage, Template, CSS Sheet, Script and XSL File when deleted moves to recycle bin. Which if needed can be retrieved from it.

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