Poll Edit portlet


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Poll Edit portlet
module: Polling module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.
Since Unify 4.5

The Poll Edit Portlet is used to facilitate users/site administrators to create polls, which can be later published in websites so web users can cast their vote.

Edit Mode

User can find this portlet under the “Polling portlets” section in ”Portlet Types” page

When adding the portlet user will be asked to enter values for the given fields.

Redirect URL – When the poll is created successfully user will be redirected to the specified page given in this field

Send Poll Id – If this checkbox is selected Poll id will be sent when redirecting so the poll id will get appended to the URL. This poll id can be used to set up a Poll Display Portlet in the redirected page, which displays a poll by using the incoming poll id parameter e.g. http://mysite:4510/Poll_created/?pollId=32

Deletable – Whether the poll can be deleted or not. If the checkbox is selected, user will see the “Delete” button in the Poll Edit portlet when displaying an existing poll.

Delete Redirect URL – User will be redirected to the specified page after deleting the poll. Include Default CSS - Defaul CSS will be included when displaying the Poll

Save –Selecting the “Save” button, will create the poll provided that all the mandatory fields have correct values


View Mode

Poll administrator will see the following fields which allow him/her to create a new poll, and the related list of answers for the poll.

Name- A name to the poll to identify the poll

Question- Description about the poll, and Poll topic displayed to the web users

Strategy- Strategy which allows or restricts the web user from voting

  • IP address – If IP address is selected , web user can cast the vote only once from a specific IP address, if user tries to vote again using the same IP address, he/she will see a message saying that “You have already voted”
  • Cookie – If cookie is selected , web user can’t vote for the second time unless the cookie is deleted, or use another browser
  • None – No restrictions, users can vote as many times as they like.

Add Answer – This link will allow the Poll administrator to add list of answers to the poll, so web user can cast their votes to the most preferred answer.

Remove Answer - Administrator can use the remove link to remove an answer.


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