Page search result portlet


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Page search result portlet
module: Content module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.

The Page search result portlet is used to display page search results. It uses XSL to format XML formatted results.



Used to display the results of the Page search portlet. If a Page search portlet has been used to perform a search and display it on the current page, this portlet will display the results of the search formatted according to the configured XSL. This portlet will also filter the search with a configurable search query and according to access control and permissions of the current user.


Pages tab

  • XSL - Specify the XSL used to present the results of the page search. This option uses shortcut functionality.
    • This XSL file should reside in Files > XSL > Page list
  • Filter with query - Specify a query using page search syntax to filter the incoming query.
    • For example to only show item display pages displaying an item use "+mode:item -itemId:none".

Pagination tab

This tab contains options for paginating the the search results.

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