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Marchena is a media processing framework that allows queueing of media processing requests. Marchena uses a plugin API to allow easy expansion and comes by default with plugins that allow processing video, images and office documents. The plugins are called processors in Marchena and can be enabled or disabled by simply add or remove the processor jar files. Please refer to Turn The Marchena Processors On And Off page for details.


The following processors are available Marchena 1.2:

  • processor-aspose-dotnet
    • Functions:
      • add text watermark and/or image watermark to PDF files.
      • This service only work if Marchena is running on Windows.
  • processor-ffmpeg
    • Functions:
      • generate storyboard from video files.
      • generate thumbnail from video files.
      • convert audio/video files from one format to another.
  • processor-ghostscript
    • Functions:
      • convert Postscript files to PDF format.
      • convert PDF files to multiple page images.
  • processor-imagemagick
    • Functions:
      • convert images from one format to another
      • add text watermark and/or image watermark to image files.
  • processor-msoffice2007
    • Functions:
      • convert doc/docx/ppt/pptx/xls/xlsx/vsd files into PDF format.
      • This service only work if Marchena is running on Windows with Office 2007 or Office 2010 installed.
  • processor-openoffice3
    • Functions:
      • convert doc/docx/ppt/pptx/xls/xlsx and other open office files into PDF format.
      • extract text from doc/docx/xls/xlsx and other office files.
  • processor-pdfbox
    • Functions:
      • extract text from PDF files.
  • processor-wme
    • Functions:
      • convert video to Windows Media format(alternative processor to processor-expression-encoder4 if Expression Encoder 4 is not available).
      • This service only work if Marchena is running on Windows.
  • processor-zip
    • Functions:
      • pack files into zip files and automatically support ZIP64 format via Java7 or TrueZip library under Java6.

How it works

Marchena offers a web-service API where client programs can send in batches that point it to source files, define a set of services to perform on those files, and file locations to place the results in. The following class diagram shows the general structure of the batches that can be passed to the web-service.

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