Localized text portlet


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Localized text portlet
module: Publishing module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.

The Localized Text Portlet displays the text of the selected localisation key. The text will change depending on the locale set for the site or for the page allowing easy management and of multi language sites.

Edit Mode

When in edit mode, the user is presented with a dropdown "Localization Key" with all localization keys. You can add and translate localisation keys in the Unify backend.

Figure 1: Localised Text Portlet

View Mode

The portlet will print out the localised value (corresopnding to the site's current locale) for the localisation key selected in the edit mode. If no localisation value exists for the selected key in the current rendering language, then you will see the key will be printed surrounded by question marks - ???my.localisation.key???.

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