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JSP Code Resources are basically JSP code snippets. They are used to configure the Unify JSP Code Resource Portlet. Unify provides a powerful JSP tag library, see Commonly used Unify code. Please remember to import the necessary tag libraries / java classes in your JSP resource, otherwise they will fail upon compilation.

This functionality was introduced in Unify 4.6. If you are using a previous version this feature will not be available.



A JSP code Resource can be created by going to Publishing > Files> Code templates > JSP code resource. See Resource Creation. A basic JSP template has been provided with the JSTL core and fmt libraries included.


You can make changes to the JSP code resource. See Resource Editing for more information. This option uses Shortcut functionality.


Here you can browse and be able to find a particular JSP code resource to edit. See Resource List for details.

Recycle Bin

When you delete a JSP code resource, it is found in the recycle bin. You can restore JSP code resources from recycle bin. See Resource Recycle Bin for more details

Old Versions List

Here you can see all the different versions of the resource, including details such as creation date and who created the version. See Compare Version

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