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Item - Display portlet
module: Content module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.



This portlet is deprecated and will be removed in the near future. Please refrain from using it. Use Adavanced Search Result Portlet.


Item-Display portlet presents the read-only view of an item. It is dependent on passing the store id and item id in the URL (for 4.3 and above only item id is needed). If no ID is passed to the page containing Item-Display portlet, nothing will display. Also you need to make sure that the page containing Item-Display portlet is configured as an Item Display Page.

  • XSL Stylesheet: Select the XSL Stylesheet from the dropdown you need to use for displaying and item. The XSL sheets in the dropdown are saved in "Publishing > Files > XSL > Item details". This option uses shortcut functionality.
  • Retrieve linked items and users(takes more time): Select this option if you wish to display linked data or linked users to the item returned.
  • Retrieve full content/metadata of linked items/users: This option retrieves the metadata and content of linked item and users. It is only relevant if you have chosen to retrieve linked items and users.
  • Retrieve item lists: Select this option if you wish to retrieve item lists of the item displayed.

Please make sure that you are not retrieving data that is not needed as it will put unnecessary load on the server and page will take longer to load.

Item display portlet


    <!-- The only element at this level is either file-item or data-item, see Item XML Block[1] -->
    <data-item id="123">
      ...                  <!-- see Item XML block article for more information on what is displayed here -->


1. Item XML block

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