Item - Template Search Input portlet


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Item - Template Search Input portlet
module: Content module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.

This portlet is only available in 4.4 or later versions of Unify.

The Template search input portlet is used to add search forms to pages. It provides similar functionality to the Item search portlet, but with a couple of differences.



This portlet should be used to provide a search form which will allow users to search for items contained within one store. The layout, design and included search fields are defined within a Search template. Using the search template, it is possible to search for items based on the linked items attributes.


Since the form is configured using a search template, the edit mode of the portlet contains only three settings.

Results page

Result page

This is the page that the user will be redirected to when they click on the submit button of the form.

Since Unify 4.6.3 there is the option to specify the result page by path instead by page id. Tick on the relevant box and then write the page path we want to be redirected to.

Store to search

This is the store that the user will be searching in. All results will be from this store. This option uses shortcut functionality.

Search template

This is the search template that will be used to generate the form. This option uses shortcut functionality.

Index to search

Whether to search the active or working index.

Record searches

Added in Unify 4.6.2

Whether or not you wish to record searches that are requested through this portlet. The default is for this option to be turned off. When turned on, a record of the search is recorded in the database when the results are displayed. This information can then be used later by the Business Intelligence module.

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