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An item in Unify is a data item in a content store.



An item can consist of attributes, a file, links to other items, links users and taxonomy

Managing Items

Creating a new item


The 'Create Item' button will create a new item within the selected Data Store. Adding a name and description is required to define the new item. Keywords are optional but can be helpful when trying to find the item later on.

Clicking 'Save' at the top will create the item allowing the editing of the content, metadata, taxonomy and links of the item (see 'Editing an Item' below). A newly created item will initially be checked-out and inactive (see Item workflow), you must check the item in and activate it for the item to be search-able and accessible by other users.


Please see the Wiki article on uploading files.

Ordering a file service: Please see the Wiki article on ordering file services

N.B Creating an item only initialises it, to add content and metadata please follow the steps for Editing an Item below.

Editing a item


To edit an item you must first check the item out (see Item workflow). Checked-out items will appear in the 'My Checked Out Items' page.

Within a data-store the 'Edit' drop-down at the top has the following options.

  • Check-in: To save any changes and check the item back in (see Item workflow). A checked-in item still needs to be activated before the changes are made visible. This option will present itself once checked-in.
  • Discard changes: Discard any changes made since the last checked-in version of the item.
  • Edit Metadata: Self explanatory. Allows editing of the item's metadata.
  • Edit Content: Same as above but for editing the item's content.
  • Save Short Description: Any changes made to the name, description or keywords need to be saved prior to checking the item in.
  • Taxonomy: Allows adding or editing the Taxonomy of the item.
  • Links: Presents a list of all item links and user links associated with the current data store and also any existing links between those stores and the chosen item. You can use this form to add new links by clicking the add button within the store and searching for the item using the normal search syntax and selecting the appropriate item or user to link to. To remove a link simply click the red 'X' to the side of the item or user.
  • Profile Group Links: Allows you to link to a Profile group rather than a single user, the benefits of a profile group are that they are dynamic. Tick all profile groups you wish to link this item to.
  • Item Lists: Allows adding items to an item-list in much the same way as adding links.
  • Edit View Count: Manually change the number of views the item has had.

To activate the edited item simply check it in and choose 'Activate this version' from the 'Edit' drop-down. Activating it will make the item go live and remove the working version of the item. The item must be checked-out again to edit it or it can be discarded and sent to the recycle bin.


Editing a file item is the same as editing a data item (please see Editing a data item) with an additional option to manually upload a new thumbnail or preview image; thumbnails and preview images are automatically generated file services produced by Marchena.

Editing the content of an image will allow you to select a new image from the upload files store.

Loading an item through item display page

Note that the above examples are given using search-friendly resolver. If you are using standard resolver, the URLs need to be adjusted accordingly. See Item Request Resolvers for details.

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