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The Import portlet exposes the content import user interface on web pages. It allows you to import data that has been uploaded (using Upload Portlet) previously.

Edit mode:

The "Import Portlet" can be preconfigured in the edit mode so that the end user does not have to specify the settings all the time. This saves time if users are using the same settings all the time. For e.g. if the page will be used to import data in a particular file store or data store every time.

In the edit mode there are the following settings to configure:

Select import configuration: from the available import configurations, which will only show up if an import configuration exists.

Redirect to page when finished successfully bulk editing the items (leave empty for no redirect): Enter the page path to redirect to upon completion. If left empty it will stay on the same page. From Unify 4.6.3 if no redirect is set, when bulk edit action finishes a message will be shown saying "Finished successfully." From this version it is also possible to bind events using javascript ('INIT', 'ERROR', 'WARNING', 'PROGRESS' and 'COMPLETE') so we can execute custom actions (or even override the user interface provided). Please have a look at the importer.js script included in the page.


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