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Vyre Unify’s file transformation engine, Marchena, provides a multitude of automatic file-transformation services to the core product. The transformations available are dependent upon the exact configuration of your Marchena server and the mime type of the file in question. Not all transformations are available to all file-types. By default, some file-types have pre-configured transformations performed upon them. For example, when a JPEG image is uploaded to the system, two derived files are automatically generated by your media process transforamtion server, a web suitable ‘preview’, and an even smaller thumbnail image. Additionally, Vyre Unify allows you to specify file-transformation requirements at file-store level.


Within the Content module, expand File Stores and select the file store that you wish to configure the file-services for.

File stores
  1. Select "Edit" from the Options bar at the top of the page.
  2. Again, select "Edit..." and click on the "File Services" from the drop-down list.
  3. You will be presented with the file services that are currently set up for the file store.
  4. The default file services are fully configurable. To make any changes to their settings, click on the title of the corresponding service to be taken to the following screen:
Editing a file service

To create a new, custom file service for the file store, in the box below, under "Create New", select the type of transformation that you would like to create.

File Service Parameter Cases According To Metadata Attribute Values

It is possible in general, the values of the file service parameters can be specified case by case. The cases can be defined by the possible values of a metadata attribute.

The details and example are on File Service Parameter Cases page.

Starting from Unify, the file service configuration uses a much improved feature to control the file services. Please see File Service Constraint and Service Parameter Constraints page.

Ordering File Services

An option from within a file store is to order a new file service. To do so go to the Content module and select the file store of your choosing and navigate to the file you wish to order services from. Amongst the commands for each item is an 'Order' button (Image:order_fileservice_select.png), click this to select the service.

The types of services, and customisation options, include:

Water mark / watermarking image

Creates a duplicate image with embedded watermark; either text, image or both.

  • File Name - The name of the watermark image to be created.
  • Type of Watermark - Choose from text only, image only or text and image.
  • Position - The location within the image to display the watermark.
  • Text - What you wish the text of the watermark to say e.g. © Vyre.
  • File - Select an image to be used within the watermark
  • Image Width - The width of the watermark image, not the width of image the watermark is being applied to.
  • Image Height - Watermark image height
  • Quality - From 0 - 100; 100 being the highest quality.

GIF Conversion, PNG Conversion & JPEG Conversion

Orders a duplicate of the image to be created in the chosen file format. The options allowed for the new image include:

  • File Name - The name of the new image; must not contain spaces.
  • Width - Width in pixels for the new image
  • Height - Height in pixels for the new image
  • Quality - From 0 - 100; 100 being the highest quality.
  • Watermark - Select a watermark to be placed on the new image. This list will display all watermark services previously created.
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