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The Edit Basket Portlet is used to display items in your basket, and allow the user to export using an export configuration. It uses XSL to format XML formatted results.



Used to display the results of items which have been added to either the order basket or bulkEdit basket (ability to specify which basket to show). You can add items with a number of ways. One main example is using the Ajax_Basket_Framework which allows you to add and remove items to the basket using javascript.


XSL Stylesheet

You specify an XSL stylesheet to format XML formatted results. Note: the size and the count attributes on the basket element are different. The size is the quantity of items in the basket (you may have more than one of the same item within your basket) The count attribute is the number of distinct items within your basket. This option uses shortcut functionality.


You specify a basket to use.

Bulk Edit Basket

Bulk Edit basket is used for BulkEditing a quantity of items using the Item bulk edit portlet and bulk edit template. This allows to update a set of item's taxonomy, attributes, item-links and user-links at one time.

Order Basket

Allows you to export these set of items you have selected through a specified export configuration. This configuration is created via Export Configuration . The action links are provided within the XML.

Content Store

This allows the basket only to display items which belong to a particular collection. This is useful as for example the Bulk edit system only allows items to be "Bulk edited" per collection. You cannot Bulk Edit items from different collections at one time. See Item bulk edit portlet for more information


Works in a similar way to most unify portlets. Specifying 0 brings back all results

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