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Release 4.2.2. introduces a new feature, e-commerce Order Templates, along with a new 'order edit portlet' for using those templates.

Order Templates are basically JSP files for displaying and/or editing information about a single e-commerce order. VYRE provides a powerful JSP tag library for displaying fields for editing everything related to an order.

The order templates have many advantages, but require basic HTML/JSP knowledge. Some of the advantages are:

  • Fully customizable: The user has full control over the HTML surrounding the fields, and can use any JSP syntax available.
  • Easy maintenance: The user can move fields around much quicker, and insert fields in between other fields without having to explicitly move all other fields down.
  • Reusable: The order templates allow to set up general actions, and can therefore be reused across shops and even across different installations.

To view/edit order templates, click the "Presentation Templates" node under the "e-commerce module" (which is an optional module). Following is a brief description of the JSP tags available in the order templates.

Note that at the moment there is only one tag available, for allowing a user to delete an order. Future releases will expand on this functionality.


The following attributes can be used in this tag:

  • type: Specifies the action to be performed. This can be one of the following:
    • delete

Note that this tag prints a javascript method call, so if you are using it inside an a href, then remember to use the "javascript:" prefix.

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