Creating and Managing Taxonomy


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Click Configuration > System Configuration > Taxonomy. You will see the following screen:


The screen is divided in to the following sections:

  • Category locale selector. Here, switching locale allows to preview how would taxonomy tree look like if it was rendered in selected locale. When opening for the first time, this screen always defaults to the current user's locale.
  • Category Tree: This shows the category tree in selected locale. Right clicking on any of the given nodes allows manipulating this category (renaming, localizing, etc.) or its children (sorting, etc.). "Taxonomy" is the root of your taxonomic tree, and cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Restriction Legend: shows if nodes are restricted and if yes, what type of restrictions is currently active.

Please note: administrators working with the taxonomy have all branches presented in one screen and as one tree. Depending on restrictions & permissions, parts of taxonomy may not be visible to certain users.

Creating Taxonomic Branches

Right click on the name of the taxonomic branch to which you want to add a subcategory. When you right click the branch, context menu will appear. Click on Add subcategory to add branch to the category you have selected, or Edit to edit details of this category.


If Edit is clicked, a new window will open with the Name, Description Access Control being available for editing:

Image:taxonomy details.png

Add/Edit Options

  • Name: the name (or path element) of the taxonomy branch
  • Description: description of the taxonomy branch
  • Not Restricted - anybody will be able to see items taxonomized with this category.
  • Edit Restricted - only users with edit rights can edit items taxonomised in this category.
  • Order Restricted - only users with order rights can order items taxonomised in this category.
  • View Restricted - only users with view rights can view items taxonomised in this category.

NOTE: Taxonomy restrictions will cascade down: if a taxonomy node becomes restricted, all of its children (grandchildren, etc.) will become restricted, too. See Taxonomy permissions for more details.

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