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Before creating a new shop user should set up a content store which is eventually going to contain all the selling items of the shop. According to the nature of the shop (Sell subscriptions, sell physical item, or digital file download) user has to decide whether it is a data store or file store.

E.g. for physical items and subscriptions the user can use a data store where as for digital file downloads, user has to use a file store.

When creating a store it is mandatory to have an attribute which is type “double” in order to store the selling item’s price

After creating the content store, go to e-Commerce > Shops to create a shop. Image:Create_shop.JPG

Name: Name of the shop

Description: Description for the shop

Type of shop:

  • Sells items: The shop is used for selling products that are manually dispatched once the order has been received. For e.g. books, magazines, music CDs etc.
  • Sells subscriptions: If the requirement is to sell periodic access (for few months or years), so users can access the whole or parts of site for particular amount of time, then this shop is set up.
  • Sells digital file downloads: This shop is used for selling binary files such as videos, images, PDF documents etc from a filestore. When a customer has purchased a file item, the associated binary file (i.e. the original high-resolution file, not any of the derived files) is copied to the customer's inbox.

Locale: Select the locale for the currency type e.g. United Kingdom ->GBP

Catalogue type: Select the previously created content store type. Accordingly user will see a drop down box to select the name of the store. After user selects the store, unify will display all the attributes whose type is “double” . Select the correct attribute to store the price of the goods

Customer User realm: Select the user realm which stores customer accounts and details

Payment service provider: Select the 3rd party payment processing server. Unify does not process payments and this functionality is handled by third party. The existing system can be integrated easily with Paypal, Worldpay and HSBS payment processing servers.

Click on the Save button in the menu bar to create the shop

Added shops will be displayed under the “Shops” branch in the left hand side navigation tree.

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