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A content structure import requires an excel spreadsheet (.xls) containing spreadsheets formatted in a specific way. This tutorial will show you how to make up one of these documents, and use it to import a content strucure.

Download the template xls and open it.


The Collection Schemas

Fill out the schemas

The first sheet of your spreadsheet is called collection_schemas. This holds a list of all the data-stores and file-stores. The fields are as follows...

  • store_name - Name of the store
  • store_description - Description of the store
  • is_file_item - Whether or not the schema is a file-store [TRUE|FALSE]
  • locale - Locale of the store [en|fr|es|...]

Fill out a row for each file/data-store in the same style as the example shown (right).

The Individual Stores Sheets

Rename the excel spreadsheets

For each of the data/file-stores listed in the "collection_schemas" sheet, another sheet must be made with the same name as that of the store.

So for example you have the data/file-stores listed Digital Assets, News Articles, Contacts. There must also be the sheets named Digital Assets, News Articles, Contacts.

-Rename store1, store2 and store3 to Digital Assets, News Articles, Contacts.

-Delete the remaining sheets so that only the relevant sheets remain.

The Individual Stores Attributes

Enter the attributes

Now we can start filling in the fields of each store. The fields and options mirror those available to you when creating a data/file-store manually. The fields are as follows...

  • store_name - Name of the store
  • attribute_name - Name of the attribute
  • attribute_description - Description of the attribute
  • type - Attribute type
    • boolean
    • date
    • dateandtime
    • double
    • email
    • integer
    • longtext
    • shorttext
    • url
  • cardinality - The attribute cardinality [Optional|Exactly one|Zero or more|One or more]
  • xml_mapping - Name of the field in the XML
  • is_metadata - Whether or not the fields is metadata [TRUE|FALSE]
  • is_cdata - Whether or not the fields is stored as CDATA [TRUE|FALSE]
  • presentation_rule - The name reference or the ID of a presentation rule to use. The presentation rules must be created before hand, or use a built in one such as:
    • checkbox
    • input-box
    • select-one
    • text-area
    • html-editor
    • calendar

Uploading your xls file

Click "Content structure import" and upload your file

Open up the content module in the sidebar, scroll right to the bottom and click Content structure import

Upload your xls and select it for the import.


The xls will be validated and will either bring back errors or ask for a confirmation for the import

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