Configure Document Portlet


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Configure Document Portlet
module: Optional Applications module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.
Since Unify 4.6

The Configure Document Portlet is used to configure a Wave 2 Template for use in Unify.



This portlet is available from version 4.6 onwards. It is designed to provide users the ability to navigate through the list of templates available on a Wave 2 server, choose a template and define the options that an end user will have for that template. To that end, whilst in the view mode of this portlet there are four screens that may be shown to end users. These screens are as follows:

Screen Purpose
List of Products Displays all products which exists on the Wave 2 server.
List of Types Displays all types which exist on within a Product
List of Documents (Wave 2 Templates) Displays all Documents which exist in a Type
Configure document Displays the configuration options for a Document. Similar to the display on an Item edit using Template portlet.


Main Tab

  • Product XSL - This is the XSL which will be used to render the Products which exist on the Wave 2 Server.
  • Type XSL - This is the XSL which will be used to render the Types that exist within a Product
  • Document XSL - This is the XSL which will be used to render the Documents that exist within a Type.
  • Global XML Configuration - When displaying a list of documents, it is possible to also retrieve the Items which already exist for the documents being rendered. If this is required, this should be set to the global XML configuration which should be used to decide what XML is returned for those items.
  • Printing Template - The template that should be used for the final interface that is used to create the document Item in Unify. This is similar the content template in an Item edit using template portlet.

Redirect Tab

This tab contains exactly the same settings as the redirect tab in the Item edit using Template portlet.

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