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Attribute Presentations Rules allows users to set a list of pre-defined options for use in drop-down or select boxes and assigned them to content or metatdata structures in defined content stores.

Setting Up Presentation Rule

In order to set up a presentation rule, navigate to the Attribute Presentation Rule page by clicking on the Content > Settings > Attribute Presentation Rules.

Once on this screen, select {{Menu option|Create} from the top left hand corner of the page. Enter a name a description of the field. The "Rule Type" defines the type of presentation rule you are creating, down box will display as a single drop down option, multiple select box or list as radio options and html editor will create a custom TinyMCE html editor input.

Configuring select boxes

In the parameter option, for select boxes, this is where you will enter the values and names of the drop down box in the format: [Name];[Value]. For example;

 In Progress;In Progress

If you choose to use a localized variable for the names of the drop down simply do;


Where the '' is the key of the localization variabe.

Configuring HTML editors

This functionality was introduced in Unify 4.7. If you are using a previous version this feature will not be available.

For html editors you can add html editor options using JSON code, for example to get a simple interface that only allows paragraphs and headings and no links:

 theme : "simple", 
 relative_urls : false,
 remove_script_host : true,
 extended_valid_elements : "p,-h4/-h1/-h2/-h3/-h5/-h6",
 force_p_newlines : true,
 force_br_newlines : false

See TinyMCE for details about the configuration.

Use A Presentation Rule on a content or metadata item

To use the created Presentation rule, set the Attribute type in the content store to "short text". Hit the save button and the "presentation rule" box will be displayed. Select your presentation rule from the drop down list and hit save.

The Attribute Presentation Rules can be changed at any time and the options will take affect immediatley on both the front end and back end.

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