Bulk Upload Portlet


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Bulk Upload Portlet
module: Content module
supplier: VYRE Ltd.
Since Unify 4.6.1

The Bulk Upload portlet is used to upload and import multiple files into a file store on a single page.



This portlet is available from Unify 4.6 onwards. It allows users to choose a list of files, upload them, add metadata and import them all on the same page. It uses a static code resource to customise the interface that users see. There are four extra velocity variables available in the static code resource when it is used within this portlet. These are:

  • generateUploadIdUrl - the url which should be called in order to generate a unique id for the upload of files
  • initiateImportUrl - the url which should be called to start the import of uploaded files
  • queryImportUrl - the url which should be called to query the status of an import
  • tearDownUrl - the url which should be called after an import is finished or when the bulk upload process is cancelled.
  • uploadServletUrl - the url of the servlet where files are uploaded to.


Main Tab

The main tab contains four settings. These are:

  • Static Code Resource the static code resource that should be used to generate the interface that users will see.

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